What you can expect?

Field trips

The school believe that learning becomes more appropriate when it is a combination of observing and experiencing well-grounded theories.

Field trips are organized throughout the year to maximize the learning process and ensure that students apply what they learn.

Exhibitions, Meetings, Group Discussions & Workshops

Students are encouraged to work in groups on different projects with their teachers and parents.

The projects are exhibited regularly with the aim of boosting students’ self-esteem and developing their presentation skills as well as their ability to express themselves in a creative manner.

The school believe that bringing in field specialists/ resource people/ parents to interact with the students can bring about better understanding of concepts and it makes the learning process more interesting.

With this in mind, pupils are regularly involved in group discussions/workshops with resource people from various fields.

Pupils have recently had the opportunity to interact with resource people from the ICAC, Crime Prevention Unit, Ministry of Education, Rotary club, Fridays for Future etc.

Pupils also participate in various events and projects such as:

  1. Science Exhibitions organized by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Center,
  2. Big Book Exhibition organized by the Early Childhood Care and Education Authority (ECCEA)
  3. Digital Youth Empowerment Programme organized by the National Computer Board,
  4. Letter writing competitions organized by The Mauritius Post,
  5. Road Safety Awareness Campaign organized by Vivo Shell
  6. Anti-Littering Campaign organized by the Ombudsperson for Children
  7. Nursery Rhyme Festival organized by the Hindi Speaking Union etc…

Bring and Share Activities

Bring and share activities are held regularly.

This helps pupils develop a culture of respect and consideration as well as bonding with the school community.

Fun & Sport Activities

Fun and sports day is an integral part of the school’s calendar.

Students are divided in different houses and take part in activities in a spirit of fairness and competition.

They encourage other members of their house to participate and have fun with the school community.

Cavendish Institute also promote extra-curricular activities such as Tai Chi, Wu-shu, swimming, football, gymnastics, music, dance and creative arts in order to maximize the pupils’ exposure and self-development.

Pupils ​also ​participate in different sports competition​s and events​ such as​ inter-school and regional​ Kid’s Athletics organized by Mauritius Athletics Association (MMA) ​and inter-school ​Fifa Grassroot Football ​Tournament organized by the Ministry of Youth & Sports etc.

Academic Success

The school believe that learning should be a fun process.

Activities are organized and implemented to ensure that students are happy and motivated.

This has proved to be very successful over the years as the Institute pride itself with a 100% success rate at national level assessments and in competitions such as “Concours de l’Alliance Française”

The school also reached the final of the “2016 championnat d’orthographe de l’océan Indien” held in Reunion Island. (https://www.5plus.mu/actualite/cavendish.institute-la-petite-ecole-dans-le-prive)

Drama and Musicals

The school presents musical shows and dramas prepared by students of every grade.

This has been a tradition at the school where students, under the professional guidance of the school’s music, dance and drama teachers are trained to perform in front of an audience.

This helps students’ development in public speaking and self-esteem and confidence.

Life Skills Development

The school is the only one in Mauritius to implement Life Coaching from early age with the aim of developing moral values, health education and life skills.

The school ensure that students are brought up in a safe and bully free environment.

Awareness campaigns and projects are conducted regularly and anti-bullying teams are set up by students to prevent bullying.

Different videos prepared by the Life skills Department can be viewed on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXiDHn3bOKGiTefDC6UcUuA/videos

Discipline and Organisational Skills

Discipline and organisational skills have been identified as crucial in a modern society.

The school aim at developing such skills in pupils so that they reach their optimum potential in life.