School Structure

The directors are Mr C.S.Sooknah and Mrs M.Sooknah.

The mission of the management team is to gather ideas, present reactions of personnel, express opinions and interpret school policy to other staff members, parents, students and the school community.

Mr C.S.Sooknah has a longstanding experience having been the managing director of a private school for the past 20 years.
The Managing Director oversees the overall operation of the school.

Mrs M.Sooknah is the director and manager of Cavendish responsible for admission to the school. She oversees the smooth running of the school. Her experience allows her to manage the school well.

Mrs Prema, the company Secretary is responsible for all the administrative works.
She also acts as a liaison officer between parents and the administration.
She is the primary contact person for parents.

The Director of studies, Mr Ankiah, oversees the pedagogical and curricular aspects at the school.