It’s indeed a great pleasure and honour for me to present to you my message at the beginning of this academic year 2019. The Cavendish Institute, founded in 2007, has since its creation promoted high quality education to young children from three years old to the Grade 6 level. Since its creation, the school has been doing extremely well both in academic and non-academic fields. It also supports the important role of parents in the education of their children. The Institution works in close relationship with the Ministry of Education in as far as the primary curriculum is concerned. During the ten years of its existence, the school has been soaring high in the firmament of primary education, hitting the 100% pass with flying colours in the CPE/Grade 6 exams every year. The success of this school is due to the hard work of both teachers and the management. The atmosphere prevailing among the teaching and non-teaching staff is exemplary for the smooth and day to day running of the school.

Apart from the core subjects the pupils have the privilege in participating in all extra curricular activities. The Cavendish Institute helps parents support their children to have a happy, positive and satisfying beginning to the great adventure that commonly arise as a child takes the first big step into the world school and education. Parents are given all information about practical matters such as development, emotions and children’s learning.

Children who have special needs are given the necessary support to enable them fully participate in the school experience. The school caters fully for the overall development of the child. Teachers are advised and trained to be sensitive to the pupils’ needs and offer the necessary help and guidance.

The main aim of the Cavendish Institute is to see that:

  • Your child is happy
  • Your child gets on well with others
  • Your child establishes sound foundation for later learning and achievement

The school is doing its best to dispense an education that today puts its learners on the forefront of academic excellence.

To conclude, I would like to wish plenty of success to the school and I sincerely hope that it will keep on blossoming and work towards making the school a symbol of excellence. To the pupils, I wish you a grand and successful year.

Thank you for having confidence in the Cavendish Institute and good luck to you all.