Pedagogical Strategies



Stages of the Nine- Year Curriculum


The school has a 100% pass rate at National Level assessments since 2007.

Students regularly participate in extracurricular activities/competitions and the school has won numerous awards over the years.

Pictures are available in the gallery.

Smart Classes

The school is integrating modern teaching tools and techniques.

Classes are provided with the latest technology and are connected to the internet

Regular presentations by resource persons

Resource persons from various fields are invited to share their knowledge and experience with students throughout the school year.


Suggestions are welcome to continue improving the services provided by the school.

Holistic Development

A holistic education enables students to fully develop their potential.

Extra-curricular classes help students gain global skills and knowledge.

Extra-curricular classes include:

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Creative Arts
  • Tai chi
  • Information technology
  • Life coaching (moral values and etiquettes)
  • Swimming
  • Practice golf classes for beginners
  • Team sports (football, volleyball, basketball etc)

School Counseling

The school also provide counseling services by psychologists (recognized by the American Psychological Association) to students. 

Remedial Classes:

The school provides an equal opportunity for learning.

Remedial classes are available for students experiencing learning difficulties.