Parents are encouraged to train their children in the habit of regular attendance. Generally, each day’s work is built upon the previous day’s work and loss of time may upset the teaching and learning process for the student and teacher.

However, a child when ill or disturbed through family trauma, does not participate well and should be kept at home to receive the care needed to recover. If a child is not well enough to attend classes, there is little likelihood that any great worth will result from ‘extra work’ being sent home from school.

For many reasons teachers are concerned if a child is absent from school and no explanation is received.

The school should be notified of the child’s absence. Upon returning to class, a note of explanation from a parent/guardian should be presented to the class teacher.


Minimum attendance is set at 90% of the enrolled school days. This does not include extenuating health concerns or a family emergency. It is possible that a student who is absent for 18 days or more will not receive grades on his/her report card or be asked to repeat their current grade. Should a student reach 10% of school days, parents will be reminded of the attendance policy.

After an absence, the student must submit a note to the classroom teacher.


Family holidays must be taken when they become due.

Children in most cases, must and should accompany the rest of the family, but it is neither profitable nor practical to set formal written activities for a student during such a period.

The school must be informed of any holiday taken outside the school vacation period.